Welcome to Bid Pictures where you can purchase prints or rights for photos on this site. You can also hire a UK-based photographer.  If you want quality, thoughtful photography provided by a first-class professional this is the place for you. To order a print of a photo just click on the gallery then your photo and follow the simple instructions. Contact henshaw@email.com We can provide you with many types of photography, such as:
  • Events
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  • Corporate/PR
  • Weddings
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  • Events
  • Portraiture
  • Parties
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All photos are available direct from this website from the public galleries with private galleries available for private events.

You can choose from downloadable digital files to photographic prints, calendars, cards, posters, in fact, almost anything that you wish. Just choose your photo click buy and follow the options.

We also offer photography at events and on-site fast turnaround prints where required.

Please contact us at henshaw@email.com

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